5 Reasons I’m Proud to be Canadian (and You Should be too)

Friendly People

When I moved to Canada, I was surprised and pleased to find how genuinely open and welcoming Canadians are. Not sure how to get to the library? That’s fine, just ask anyone and they will kindly point you in the right direction and remind you to have a lovely day. Over the years, this approachable attitude has worn off on me and I now look forward to being able to brighten someone’s day.

Cultural Diversity

I am proud to have grown up in a city filled with people from all over the world. Not only does this diversity allow us to try out a variety of cuisines, but it also lets us learn about people and cultures in a global context. Canada welcomes everyone and in return we get to continue to learn and grow alongside one another.

The Scenery

There is no arguing that Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Especially in Vancouver—  where else can you hike quarry rock in the morning and head downtown for lunch and shopping in the afternoon? From the prairies to the mountains, Canada never fails to disappoint the nature lover’s eye.

We Aim to be Part of the Solution to World Issues, Rather Than Part of The Problem

Without getting too political, I think that most would agree that the world is in a time of extreme change. From climate to issues of immigration, Canadians are working to do their part, at times welcoming new people into the country with open arms.

We Produce Beautiful People

Case and point Ryan Reynolds.


I am proud to be Canadian because when I’m here, I feel at home. Canada’s natural beauty, diversity and access to important public services like healthcare and education never cease to amaze me and I highly doubt that I will ever be able to stop bragging to friends in other countries about how wonderful my home and native land is.


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